Class of 2020

Kyra Decastro (Business Director)

Noga Tour (Assistant CAF Director) 

Malena Charreton (President) 

Alena Abella (Assistant Music Director & Financial Director)

Jenna Luck (Internal Social Chair)

Audrey Smith (CAF Director - not pictured but we love her so much!)

 Class of 2019 

Rachel Kamran (Business Director) 

Noa Udler (CAF Director) 

Erin Butt (Social Chair)

Maddy Biebel (Music Director) 

Dana Cross (CAF Director)


Class of 2018

Alyssa Chulak

(Swag Chair)

Class of 2017

Olivia London

(CAF Director)


Ali Whitney

(Social Chair)


Morgan Rose

(Business Director)

 Class of 2016 

Megan Gaumond (Music Director)

Rebecca Birstock

Emily Zetterberg (Social Chair)

Hannah Horton 

Tricia Gunter (CAF Director)

Sarah Summers

 Class of 2015 

Julia Ramos

Annie Chin (Social Chair)

Amelia Rudnicki (Business Director)

Hannah Bucko (Music Director)

Class of 2014

 Marilyn McGowan

(CAF Director) 

Class of 2013

Catherine Jacobs

(CD Manager)

Francesca Holland 

 Dani Carr (CD Manager)

Yen Luu (CAF Director)

Monica Manrique (Business Director)

 Class of 2012 

Natalie Moyce (Business Director) 

Shannon Kinnar

Tiffany Ou (Music Director)